faq  How do i know my order has been received ?

Once we receive your order we automatically send you an email of receipt. The next email you receive from us will be a statement of shipment complete with a tracker code so you can follow your artwork as it makes the journey to your door. We always use International EMS from Thai postal services for all our deliveries You can track your parcel here .

faq  How long does it take to receive my artwork ?

Once your order has been processed and payment received we aim to have shipped the piece within a week. All our artwork is shipped from Thailand so normal shipping times are applicable from here to your destination.

faq  How do i know what i’ve received is genuine ?

All our prints are hand signed and numbered in pencil by the artist himself. Furthermore we only print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper which comes with an holographic numbered certificate of authenticity which you can check here.

faq  Do you ship overseas ?

We ship worldwide


faq  Are there additional costs ?

All costs of shipping are relevant to the Country of residence. You can check indicative prices here. It is important to note that these prices do not include import duty, VAT and related fees pertaining to your country. These fees are at your charge.


faq  What forms of payment do you accept ?

We use paypal as our payment host and as such accept all payments recognised with them.


faq  What do i do if my art is damaged ?

If your artwork arrives damaged please make note of the tracking number and email or call us stating your name, address, piece of work and tracking number. We will contact you with our returns address and upon receipt of the damaged artwork will will ship a new piece to you.


faq  How does the ‘Hang before you buy’ scheme work ?

We employ a 30 day money back guarantee with all our work. This means when you make the purchase of our goods we do not take a payment. We simply block the amount from the account you used to make the payment and secure it as a deposit. If anything regarding the piece is not to your satisfaction within the 30 days we simply remove the block and the funds immediately become available to you. If, after the 30 days, we have not received the artwork back, we will assume everything is satisfactory and confirm the payment.


faq  How can i see your art in exhibition ?

We only exhibit 3-4 times a year, mainly in the countries concerning the artists we recently signed. To be kept up to date with our latest news including up-coming exhibitions send your name and email address to info@demarmont.com or visit our website here.


faq  How do you choose your artists ?

We have a dedicated selection team which ensures all the artists adhere to our principles of artistry. We at DeMarmont endeavour to bring new artists to a larger market but we also have several recognised artists on our portfolio

faq  Can i make copies of my print ?

All fine Art Prints are copyright owned by the artist and they specifically forbid the copy/reproduction of their images.